So you've bought a car... But the mundane drive to and from work is not enough for you to fully enjoy the beautiful piece of machinery you have so longed for!

We have the answer for ultimate Car enjoyment!!

Plan a Roadtrip!!!

Ask any of us here at the dealership what some of our favorite things to do are:
Mark: Drives to the Lake with Lonnie!
Jerry: Drives to Kansas City Chiefs games with Laurie!
Kenzie: Drives anywhere with Zach! Period!

Its safe to say all of us thoroughly enjoy spending time with our loved ones!
But for me personally there is nothing like loading up the truck and finding every back way we can, to get where we are going! 
Its the BBQ joint you stumble upon, back off the old highways, or the crazy side of the road attractions, that don't see near the traffic anymore, due to major highway bypass systems.
Its the forgotten path that was once the only one traveled! And we are here to help bring that back!

If any of our AMAZING customers reading this find themselves feeling the same way, we have just the answer!!

We hope you enjoy wherever your new car takes you!!
And of course if you are looking for the car you wish to take these road trips in we can definitely help with that too!!

Happy Roadtripping To All!!!